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hey, i’m

After working in the ​beauty industry for ​20 years, but I ​decided to retire ​my makeup brushes ​to dedicate more ​time to my growing ​family, and our ​local community.

Now, I pour my heart into creating content that really speaks ​to my engaged followers. I focus on the Gen Y mom lifestyle, ​family fun, health & wellness, and uncovering those must-see ​hidden spots around Valparaiso and the surrounding areas in ​Northwest Indiana.

Over the years, I've teamed up with more than 20 national and ​local brands, and together, we've racked up hundreds of ​thousands of views. It's been an amazing journey so far and ​I’m excited to have you here!

health & wellness

As I approach my 40s, health and wellness have ​become non-negotiable pillars in my life—not only ​to ensure I have the vitality to keep up with my ​energetic kids but also to foster a sense of ​confidence and well-being in my own skin.

family activities

I'm all about keeping the kids busy and having fun ​with my family. Sharing the scoop on cool spots ​and activities is something my audience loves and ​I’m the go-to gal for epic family hangouts or local ​secrets in the 219 and all of Northwest Indiana.


Indulging in beauty services is my go-to for self-​care—it's that 'me time' that recharges me inside ​and out! Whether it's a facial or maybe some ​injectables, I’m all about trying the latest ​technologies and sharing along the way.


Wade Breitzke, ​CEO, +WeCreate

“Melissa is creative, super-savvy, and ​makes an impact wherever she invests. ​She’s sought after as the go-to trend finder, ​community engager, and consistently ​comes up with innovating ways to make her ​campaigns stand out. Her enthrusiam for her ​work is infectious, and we are extremely ​fortunate to have her as part of the ​community in Valparaiso!”

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"Melissa has the ability to communicate via ​social media like no one else I know! Her ​heart shines in all that she does and to be ​able to translate that to social media takes a ​special person. I have personally watched ​her grow her own businesses on social ​media, along with supporting other local ​businesses along the way. She's a ​cheerleader for everyone and especially ​people and things she's passionate about. I ​would highly recommend her!"



Crozier Respess - ​Owner,

Dairy Queen

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Alan Myszkowski,

Local 219

Melissa has a firm grasp on the ​digital marketing landscape. ​Whether it’s identifying current ​trends, creating engaging content, ​or consistently advocating and ​supporting local businesses. ​Melissa has proven to be a reliable ​asset in greatly helping improve our ​digital thumbprint.”

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